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Matt Stride

Compliance Advisor & Founder, PACNET

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As a seasoned expert in the payments industry with years of experience, Matt has a deep understanding of the practical challenges that firms and their compliance staff face. Having worked in the industry, as well as in a consultancy capacity for many Fintechs, Matt has observed a number of different compliance approaches and identified common weaknesses in their practical abilities, knowledge, culture and organisation.

Over recent years, Matt has witnessed the growth of alternative payment firms, which has resulted in a scarcity of high-calibre compliance staff possessing practical knowledge that can add value to firms. With an increasing number of firms focusing on cryptocurrency and digital assets, and the FCA's increasingly robust authorisation and supervisory approaches, the pressure on firms has only intensified. 

Driven by his passion for helping firms navigate complex regulatory requirements, Matt established PACNET - the Payments and Crypto Network - with the aim of providing practical and insightful guidance on compliance issues faced by these industries. Matt believes that regulatory authorisation is the foundation on which businesses are built and the regulatory 'license' should be viewed as the firm's single most valuable asset. A robust approach to compliance should protect this asset, add operational value and provide a competitive advantage.


Through PACNET, Matt has developed a range of free-to-download guides, practical documents and policies for purchase, and he is continually working on creating even more resources to help firms improve their compliance practices including soon to be published training and podcasts. 

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about PACNET, get in touch with Matt. 

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